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Tower Plaza is strategically located in the intercity highway intersection of the three most popular cities, which are Ankara-state capital, Izmir-largest Western seaport and Istanbul finance and business capital of Turkey.

The building is conveniently located at an area, which is easy to define in terms of inner city and inter city (public) transportation systems.

The building is easily seen from everywhere in the city, making it a dominant figure in the area which has been developed and well known as business, finance and Industrial region.

The front of the building faces Stadium Street. Stadium Street is the major inner city street in Bursa and connects the city highway. This makes the building easily accessible from all directions.

The back of the building faces the "Altıparmak/ Carsamba/ Darmstad" neighborhood, 25.000 families with mid to high income level live in this residential area that is within 5 minutes walking distance.

The front of the building faces "Kulturpark"- the largest out-door recreational area in Bursa-and Stadium sports complex.

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