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Goktug Investment & Goktug Group





This building is planned as a shopping and recreational complex which will be center of attraction for the whole city population as well as Turkish and foreign visitors. The building has all the functions to attract and meet the needs of visitors from all over the world.

High tech and computer based virtual and simulated amusement activities and opportunity to watch these activities via brief screens from many points within the building illustrates the vision of the building design and determines the image of the building.

The "Bursa Shopping and Recreation Center" in short TOWER PLAZA will be perceived by the people as "a striking, surprising and different world" because of the basic building concept and Family Entertainment Center (FEC) equipped with high tech attractions, which include educational and experiential themed movies and technologically advanced motion-based platforms, themed auditorium of the planetarium-Sky ride, Time Elevator and 3D Laserium show etc.

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The GROUP is wide open to acquisition bits for the project.

GOKTUG GROUP also welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with interested parties to form strategic partnership or create joint venture to share rewards and risks to be gained from the proposed project.

To cooperate on the investment opportunities of TOWER PLAZA, please contact with Mehmet Goktug --