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Goktug Investment & Goktug Group




The land Development Project of GOLBASI

Residental Area

Outdoor Leisure, Paddle Boats,

Lake Sports and Water Park Attraction Facilities

Restaurant and more...

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The Project is complete, self-sufficient and flexible therefore can be redesigned to satisfy the needs of various lifestyles ranging from most conservative to liberal.

GOLBASI PROJECT is a perfect example of what progressive thinking and cooperative efforts can accomplish..

The location is next to the international airport, 10 minutes drive, on the Bursa- Ankara highway, 20 kilometers far from the city center of Bursa, fourth largest city in western Turkey.

The land is on the shoreline of a natural lake stocked with a variety of fish and surrounded by forest and olive tress, offering a wide range of outdoor sports and leisure activities.

The land is the total of 150,000 sq. meters (178.000 sq. yards) and owned by GOKTUG GROUP.

Summer season lasts 5 months, Mediterranean climate...

The following major unites will make up the project;

Residential area consists of 400 villas on the upper side of the shoreline.

Indoor and Outdoor All Season Amusement park including Water Park

Hotel (three stars) and Health Center-Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Outdoor Leisure Activities Center (hiking, fishing, hunting, tennis etc.)

Swimming Pool and Water Sports Center (Surf, water ski, boating etc.)

Themed Restaurants, Cafe and Other entertainment facilities, Music Hall of Fame etc.

Enviroment friendly Energy, Water and Sewer Systems Infrastructure.

Business Proposal

The GROUP is wide open to acquisition bits for the project.

GOKTUG GROUP also welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with interested parties to form strategic partnership or create joint venture to share rewards and risks to be gained from the proposed project.

To cooperate on the investment opportunities outlined here in this site, please contact with... MEHMET GÖKTUĞ

(90) 212 2256 82 82